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Women reached in Sri Lanka

Free to Flow

Free to Flow is an initiative to end period poverty in Sri Lanka.

This is done by distributing sanitary napkins to women and girls residing in low income households across the country

52% of Sri Lanka's population is female, with approximately 4.2 million Women who menstruate.


Sanitary Napkins & tampons are taxed under the HS Code HS96190010 & the import levied on them is 62.6%

What we do

To provide reusable napkins and ensure that women have access to safe, cost effective and long term solutions to address their menstruation needs.

The napkins we provide are eco-friendly; they can be washed and reused for 18 months.

It also comes with an absorbent flannel that helps fight against any infections.

Menstruation is a natural biological process that happens to every woman.

Menstrual hygiene products are not luxury items.

Sanitary napkins should be freely available and accessible to women under the National Health Service guidelines, akin to other medicine and services.

Project Map

Our Team

Malsha Kumaranatunge

Social work and philanthropy has always been a key motivator for Malsha. This prompted her to engage in the political arena, where she was formerly elected as a Provincial Councillor for the Western Province of Sri Lanka. She has an LLB in Law from Reading University (UK) and is currently completing her Attorney’s in Sri Lanka. She is passionate about gender and social equality and, through Free to Flow, hopes to continue her work to help those in need.

Malisha Kumaranatunge

With a diverse background in economics, education and entrepreneurship, Malisha is passionate about gender equity and women’s empowerment. She is reading for a Master’s in Gender and Women’s Studies at Colombo University, engaging in research focusing on women entrepreneurs, motherhood, gendered labour divisions and class relations.

Gayathri Mohan

Was enrolled as an Attorney- at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B) from the University of London. She has over
7 years of professional experience in Company Law and a background in conveyancing.
As a lawyer she understands that Menstrual Hygiene is a human rights issue and believes that Free to Flow could be paramount in eliminating period poverty in Sri Lanka. She aims to use her skills and experience to contribute to improving the livelihoods of women and particularly those from vulnerable and marginalised communities.



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I would appreciate your assistance in any manner possible to carry out the Free to Flow initiative.

- Malsha Kumaranatunge