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Why Free to Flow ?

Empowering Women,
Ensuring Dignity
Free to Flow Fights Period Poverty in Sri Lanka

It not a Problem

It is Natural

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It's Natural

Every woman experiences menstruation, a natural biological process inherent to female physiology.

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Not to be Luxury

Menstrual hygiene products, despite misconceptions, are not luxury items, they are essential necessities for women’s health and dignity.


Sanitary napkins should be as accessible to women through the National Health Service guidelines, akin to other essential medical services.

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Solution we found

Free Sanitary Napkins for Women

We are distributing sanitary napkins to women and girls residing in low income households across the country.

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Ensuring Dignified Periods

Your donation to Free to Flow directly supports the provision of sanitary napkins to women in need, ensuring they have access to hygienic menstrual products. By contributing, you enable these women to manage their periods with dignity, promoting their overall health and well-being.

Breaking the Stigma

Supporting Free to Flow helps break societal taboos surrounding menstruation by promoting open conversations and education about menstrual health. Your donation aids in educational programs that empower women with knowledge, reducing stigma and fostering a supportive community.

Economic Empowerment

Your support enables economic empowerment for women. By ensuring access to sanitary napkins, Free to Flow helps women participate fully in work, school, and daily life without interruptions due to inadequate menstrual hygiene. Your donation contributes to their economic independence and advancement.

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